Pirkei Avot – chapter 6 – 5778

Rav Mordechai Elon

The first of the 48 ways to obtain Torah found in the 6th chapter of Avot is "Talmud"-study. In
other words to obtain Torah you must learn it! We would have expected the Mishna to give us
some ideas how we learn – listening with our ears, moving our lips , arranging the class room or
something else.
There is a story of one of the giants of the Torah, who was asked how we reached his status as a
gadol. He answered that it wasn’t because he was so clever. The other students in his class were
cleverer and found havrutot immediately, he was left alone. His friends started to argue in pairs
what to learn, which masechet of the gemara?in depth or to learn faster.? He was by himself, with
no one to argue with, so he just started to learn! This is the message of the Mishna. The Torah is
obtained by learning, without too many discussions first.

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