The taste of Shabbat – Ki Tavo 5778

Rav Mordechai Elon

Our parsha begins with the declaration made by the bringer of first fruits to the temple
שם לְגָּ֥וֹי גדָׁ֕וֹל עָצָּ֥ ום וָרַָֽב. 􀁐 אֲרַ מִּי֙ אֹ בֵ֣ד אָבִִּ֔י וֵ֣ ירֶד מִּצְרִַ֔יְמָה וַָ יגָר שםָׁ֕ במְ תֵ֣י מְעָָ֑ט ויְהִּי
My father was a fugitive Aramean. He went down to Egypt with meager numbers and sojourned there; but there he became a great and very populous nation
The bringing of the first fruits, together with this declaration are a sign of our deep gratitude to God
Later on in the parsha is a second declaration, made by every Jew once every three years in front of a Kohen in the temple
בעַַ֧רְ תי הַ קֹדֶ ש מִּן הַ בַיִּת וְגַַ֨ם נְתַ תִִּּ֤יו לַ לוִּי֙ וְלַ גר֙ לַ יתֵ֣וֹם וְלַָֽאַלְמָנִָ֔ה ככָל מִּצְַָֽותְךָָׁ֕ אֲ שֵֶ֣ר צִּ ויתָנִָּ֑י לַֹֽא עָבַָּ֥רְ תי מִּ מִּצְו͏ֹתֶיָׁ֕ךָ וְלָֹּ֥א שכַָֽחְ תי.
לַֹֽא אָכַַ֨לְ תי בְאֹנִִּ֜י מִּ מֶַּ֗ נ ו וְלַֹֽא בִּעִַּ֤רְ תי מִּ מֶַ֨ נ ו בטָ מא וְלַֹֽא נָתַ תי מִּ מָׁ֕ נ ו לְ מָ֑ת שמַַּ֗עְ תי בקוֹל֙ הֵ֣ ' אֱלֹהִָ֔י.
I have cleared out the consecrated portion from the house; and I have given it to the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow, just as You commanded me; I have neither transgressed nor neglected any of Your commandments: have not eaten of it while in mourning, I have not cleared out any of it while I was unclean, and I have not deposited any of it with the dead. I have obeyed the Lord my God; I have done just as You commanded me

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