The taste of Shabbat – Miketz 5777

Rav Mordechai Elon

We read in our Parsha how Yosef manages to interpret the dreams the Egyptian sorcerers where unable to, as Pharaoh sums up:

הֲנִמְצָ֣א כָזֶ֔ה אִ֕ישׁ אֲשֶׁ֛ר ר֥וּחַ אֱלֹהִ֖ים בּֽוֹ… אֵין נָב֥וֹן וְחָכָ֖ם כָּמֽוֹךָ.

Is there another person like him with God's spirit?There is no one as wise or clever as him

There are two main questions we must ask: Pharaoh had very clear dreams about cows and wheat – How come no one could interpret it? Rashi tells us

They did interpret them, but not for Pharaoh, for their words did not reach his ears, and he had no satisfaction from their interpretation, for they said, “You will beget seven daughters, and you will bury seven daughters.”

We must ask; Any child who would see fat and thin cows would think of famine and large harvests, how much more so with wheat – food itself, and even more so if they both come up from the Nile – the source of irrigation in Egypt. How hard is it the see the dream is talking about famine? We must also ask how it is possible to interpret the cows and wheat as daughters? How can Rashi's explanation be the "pshat" the simple understanding of the text?

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