The taste of Shabbat – vayishlach 5779

Rav Mordechai Elon

 We have survived Lavan, and we will survive Eisav too. Our parsha opens in between
the both of them, with Yaacov sending messengers to his brother,
Edom. He prepares an eloquent speech for the
messengers to say to Eisav. What did he say?
כה א רמ עדב ך יעקב עם ל בן גרת י ואח ר עד
Thus says your servant, Yaacov, I have been living with Yaacov and running late.
Why is it so important to know that he was late? Did they fix a time to meet, and
Yaacov didn’t make it? There is a rule in life: don’t apologize for something you
don’t need to apologize about. Why is he apologizing, and what about?

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